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How to create value before retirement?
APG, the largest pension service provider in Europe. is in the process of reinventing itself and invites you to find completely new ways of creating value for participants before(!) they retire. As a team you can leverage the extensive knowledge of APG as well as their state-of-the-art infrastructure.


So far, pension service providers have only visibly added value for their customers after retirement, when these receive a monthly pension. As the largest pension service provider in the Netherlands and one of the largest worldwide, APG possesses an enormous amount of knowledge and data-driven insight relating to financial planning.

APG is in the process of reinventing itself and invites you to find new ways of creating value for participants before they retire. You may use a greenfield approach or let yourself be inspired by the ambitions and goals for 2020 (Maximizing Pension Value) and 2025 (To control your financial future, you naturally go to APG).


Senior Actuary
Blockchain Lead
Experiment coach
Blockchain Developers
Data scientist
IT strategy
Startup Owner – NestEgg, Hackathon Winner 2017
Innovation Officer
Senior Metadata Specialist


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We want to keep this open. We are primarily searching for good ideas!


We are open to any approach.


APG is the largest pension service provider in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the world.
APG manages the pension assets of around 4.5 million Dutch citizens for its clients. We perform a responsible task for one in every five families.
APG invests 450 billion euros for pension funds with the greatest possible care.
3200 people working in offices in New York, Amsterdam, Heerlen, Brussels and Hongkong.
Founding father and key partner of Brightlands Smart Services Campus and Techruption Community.
APG wants to become faster, more personal, more digital, more transparent.

We face multiple challenges like:

  • New pension contracts
  • Much more flexible careers and increased personal agency
  • Life expectancy impacting our current pension system
  • Individuals vs communities
  • Legacy systems
  • Controlling Costs & Investments

Ambition and goals

2020: Maximizing Pension Value.

2025: To control your financial future, you naturally go to APG.

Track record in innovation and acceleration with teams/companies

To be included.


Current consortium. PGGM, Ortec Finance, IBM, Obvion, TNO, Rabobank, De Volksbank, Accenture, Eneco, KPN.


Welcoming:We are always looking for mutually beneficial relationships within our consortium.




What does the partner have to offer. Our GroeiFabriek innovation department features an incubator programme. Good ideas can become GroeiFabriek experiments. For instance, the winners of the 2017 Hackathon (NestEgg) received two years of incubator support, including funding, guidance, facilities and exposure.


What do consortium partners have to offer. Our consortium offers huge networking opportunities as we have similar goals!



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Monique Weigle – Innovation Officer – APG


Any questions? Please contact Monique and the entire Track through the community Rethink Retirement group:

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