Scaling Wildlife Protection

The mission of Masarang Foundation is to regenerate rain forests by creating a model that can be scaled worldwide by using open-sourced Internet infrastructure. Help the Foundation scale the area it’s working with to 10.000.000 hectares and enable anyone to adopt and adapt their model to re-grow their local or national rain forest.


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Willie Smits (Masarang Foundation) is now teaming up with the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund, Odyssey and Ocean Protocol to scale up and open-source his model using new technologies, and invites you to help him in his quest for Wild Life Protection. Can you co-create a digital and scalable infrastructure for regenerative ecosystems, aligning the interests of local communities, natural habitats and endangered species?

This infrastructure will:
Make the current model/ecosystem scalable
Support anyone who wants to adopt and use the model, and share adapted versions
Support and incentivize further development of the model
Become part of the Wolds Commons: no one owns it and anyone can use it
Enable the growth of a global open source movement for Wild Life Protection, to save endangered species, restore natural environments and integrate economic and cultural interests while doing so.
Masarang Foundation has over 20 years of data available to work with.


Willie Smits (challenge-owner)
Modelling expert
Ocean Protocol:
Protocol specialist
Business developer
DutchChain (Odyssey):
Incubation specialist
Ecosystem developer


Masarang can provide over twenty years of quantitative and qualitative data, including:
A database of 1 million species and their economical and ecological value (how will they affect the rainforest?)
Empirically proven economical and ecological models for harvesting sugar palms.
Digital elevation models and data on identifying trees using drones.
Masarang works with Ruby and Access to control these (currently mainly offline) databases. The databases ARE linked to, for instance, the online biographical diversity database.
Ocean Protocol is contributing their protocol and will personally guide teams building on this.


Pre-Startup, Startup, Mature SME and Corporate


We are looking for a protocol solution.


We expect teams to develop a completely open source project, accompanied by a relevant Open Source Software license. See:


The societal mission of Masarang, to regenerate rainforests by creating an ecological and economical sustainable model for communities and their rainforests, could be scaled worldwide by using an open sourced, internet-infrastructure. Thereby greatly contributing to regenerating rainforests and protecting wildlife.

Ambition and goals

Masarang is now working in an area 100 times as big as during the TED-talk featured on this page (2009) and wants:
1) itself to scale to 10.000.000 hectares
2) to enable anyone to adopt and adapt their model to re-grow their local or national rainforest

Track record in innovation and acceleration with teams/companies

The consortium is highly capable of accelerating the teams and solutions coming out of the Hackathon, please take a look at the individual consortium members.


Current consortium: DutchChain, organizer of this Odyssey Hackathon, has put up EUR 10,000 in reward money to engage the ecosystem and allow the Hackathon become an incubator and accelerator for amazing not-for-profit ideas in 2019 and beyond.


Prins Berhard Nature Fund

The PBNF supports small, preferably local initiatives worldwide towards the conservation of endangered species (flora & fauna), or initiatives that in other ways promote the conservation and wise use of nature and our natural resources base. Prins Bernhard Nature Fund will contribute funding to the challenge and their international network in wildlife protection to accelerate the best team.

Next to financially supporting the best solution, PBNF offers its expertise and network in conservation of nature.

Ocean Protocol will in March 2019 launch their mainnet. Ocean will help teams build on their protocol for this challenge.


Welcoming:Masarang is looking for ethical and reliable organisations and communities wanting to support the challenge and adopt the solution.



What does the partner have to offer. The winning solution/team will fly out to the rainforest in Borneo together with Masarang to work on their solution.


What do consortium partners have to offer. DutchChain will accelerate the winning solution by guiding and connecting the team with their 40+ partners and 6,000+ Odyssey ecosystem.

Ocean will, if a team successfully builds something amazing on their protocol, invest tokens and/or expertise in the team.


A presentation about how to connect young people and various technologies to save rainforests. It starts at Minute 28.48

Willie Smits’ background and again about connections

Personal ways of Willie in saving wildlife and helping people


Abe Scholte, Tokenization Lead @DutchChain

Any questions? Please contact Abe and the entire Track through the community Scaling Ecosystems-group: 

Wilie Smits Restores a Rainforest

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