Business Plan for Peace and the Dutch Ministry of Defence invite you to help in the challenge of preventing human suffering and shifting humanity’s habit away from violent conflict towards the prevention of conflict.

Find out below what you can do and how you can participate in Odyssey Momentum, November 13-15, 2020.

An invitation to get involved

During Odyssey Momentum, November 13-15, five selected teams will build new solutions to the challenge of Business Plan for Peace and the Dutch Ministry of Defence. We invite you to join the online environment to see what teams are working on, interact with their ideas, and contribute to new solutions that are valuable for you.
Therefore, Business Plan for Peace and the Dutch Ministry of Defence are inviting policy makers, NGOs working on peace, army personnel, people living in ‘conflict areas’, and many other stakeholders to work with the teams, be the first to test and give feedback to the solutions, and then help launch the best solutions after the event.


It’s better to prevent conflict than try to cure it. Yet our personal and institutional focus is on crisis response, rather than conflict prevention. Violent escalation is a preferred option for many parties. This loop is hard to break. Violence is still a business model.

Personal loop to break
The causes of violent behaviour run deep, rooted in our own personal approach to life: for each situation we have triggers and options to prevent or escalate. People are currently lacking abilities and skills, and effective methodologies to learn are not yet widespread.

Conflict Prevention Impact

Institutional loop to break

In the past years, international organizations, governments and NGOs have begun prioritizing conflict prevention instead of responding to crises.

Early signal, early warning and early action systems – these are both IT-systems and observation methodologies and indicators in society used by civilians, diplomats, NGOs and the military that conflicts could escalate – are suboptimal, as they can be exclusive, top-down, fragmented and used in a biased way, being vulnerable to manipulation. Sometimes the user cannot act based on the signal, as the action to take is unclear, too complicated, too high risk, or even too late. There is a big gap between the current systems and concrete action.

We need to approach this more holistically, including all the stakeholders involved in this challenge.


Generate a groundswell of people from all walks of life who believe that a world without war is possible and necessary. A community that is actively engaged in accelerating the change by understanding and acting to prevent violent conflict.

Each of us should be aware of early warning signs, feel responsible for the de-escalation of conflict, and be able to contribute to the resolution of violent conflict. There needs to be a shift in global culture away from the habit of violent conflict towards the prevention of human suffering.


The challenge for the teams and everyone helping them:

“Use existing methodologies and tools to move away from violent approaches to conflict by co-creating an inclusive protocol empowering anyone to connect, contribute, act and learn the skills to prevent violence. Let’s create a groundswell of people from all walks of life who can take early action to prevent violent conflict!”

Find out what each team is building and which part of the problem they are tackling, and how you can contribute.

Selected teams




de MaMa’s



Dutch Ministry of Defence – Innovation Centre Front/Policy Team Conflict Prevention

Business Plan for Peace

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dutch Public Prosecution Office (OM)


KLM Cargo

Presencing Institute


By applying for Momentum, you can take part in these activities:


September-October 2020

Getting ready phase

Connect and prepare with everyone ahead of Odyssey Momentum (online):

  • Touching Base Session on
    September 15th
  • Getting Ready event on October 29th
  • Challenge meetup


November 13-15, 2020

49 hours of online mass collaboration

Co-create new solutions to this challenge with five teams and hundreds of experts:

  • Share your story and experience
  • Ask questions and provide feedback
  • Choose your favorite solution and become part of the pilot project after Momentum


December-January 2020

Starting the pilot

The best solution is turned into a pilot project with everyone involved.

Be the first to test and help improve the solutions.

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16.6. The solution will be contributing to developing effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels.

16.A. The solution will be contributing to strengthening relevant institutions as well as citizens to prevent violence and combat terrorism and crime.

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