Generation Now is the track for 10-18 year-olds with bold ideas who want to go beyond school and beyond protest.

Find out below what you can do and how you can participate in Odyssey Momentum, November 13-15, 2020.

An invitation to get involved

During Odyssey Momentum, November 13-15, five selected teams will build new solutions to the challenge of Odyssey. We invite you to join the online environment to see what teams are working on, interact with their ideas, and contribute to new solutions that are valuable for you.
Therefore, Odyssey is inviting youngsters, parents, teachers, policymakers, education researchers, specialists, and many other stakeholders to work with the teams, be the first to test and give feedback to the solutions, and then help launch the best solutions after the event.


The ideas and legal principles of ownership are rooted in the 20th century: protect your idea, monopolize it, earn money and don’t get kicked-out of the market by someone who registers your invention before you do.

In order to solve the most pressing 21st-century problems, from plastic in the oceans to global warming, we need mass collaboration through new forms of cooperation. People, companies and governments struggle to establish this collaboration within the current ‘ownership’ protection of ideas paradigm: old habits die hard.

Generation now Impact

You are 10 to 18 years old and are literally not rooted in the 20th century. You can go beyond protesting against the 20th century to build on new forms of collaboration and ownership.


The redefinition of IP – intellectual property – everything created by the minds of humans – and the development of new types of collaboration of and for Generation Now will be tools for boosting creativity, entrepreneurship and collaboration, greatly accelerating mankind’s capability for solving complex 21st-century problems.


The challenge for the teams and everyone helping them is:

“How might we discover new types of ownership, collaboration and problem-solving, by remixing solutions from the other teams in your favourite track (listed below), in order to create the highest possible impact for as many people as possible?”

Find out what each team is building and which part of the problem they are tackling, and how you can contribute.

Generation now

Selected teams

SixTeens (Naukova Zmina)

GSV Groningse Schoolvereniging

RSG de Borgen

Bisschop Bekker-Praedinius-Maartenscollege



All Odyssey Partners and Ecosystem Members


By applying for Momentum, you can take part in these activities:


September-October 2020

Getting ready phase

Connect and prepare with everyone ahead of Odyssey Momentum (online):

  • Touching Base Session on
    September 15th
  • Getting Ready event on October 29th
  • Challenge meetup


November 13-15, 2020

49 hours of online mass collaboration

Co-create new solutions to this challenge with five teams and hundreds of experts:

  • Share your story and experience
  • Ask questions and provide feedback
  • Choose your favorite solution and become part of the pilot project after Momentum


December-January 2020

Starting the pilot

The best solution is turned into a pilot project with everyone involved.

Be the first to test and help improve the solutions.

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4.4 Increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills for entrepreneurship.

8.3 Encourage the formalization and growth of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Need help?

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