KLM Cargo invites you to help in the challenge of providing transparency on shipping characteristics from and for collaborating supply chain parties in order to ensure a compliant air cargo flow.

Find out below what you can do and how you can participate in Odyssey Momentum, November 13-15, 2020.

An invitation to get involved

During Odyssey Momentum, November 13-15, five selected teams will build new solutions to the challenge of KLM Cargo. We invite you to join the online environment to see what teams are working on, interact with their ideas, and contribute to new solutions that are valuable for you.
Therefore, KLM Cargo is inviting COVID vaccine developers, logistics operators, healthcare professionals, customs, and many other stakeholders to work with the teams, be the first to test and give feedback to the solutions, and then help launch the best solutions after the event.


Fake and counterfeit medications kill tens of thousands of people around the world each year, with profits funding other criminal activities.

While this has always been a hot topic, the COVID-19 vaccine has really put it in the spotlight: imagine the first batches of vaccines arriving after being compromised, tampered with or not kept cool throughout their journey. How would that affect global trust in a COVID-19 vaccine?

COVID-19 has revealed the crucial role of the supply-chain within the global economy. In addition to security, speed and flexibility are now more critical than ever.

Within the context of COVID-19, effective data sharing and transparency are the way forward to improve collaboration within the supply chain. If you want to be fast while mitigating risks, you need to be a team-player. You cannot afford to wait a week to release your data, even towards a competitor.

Compliant Air Cargo Flow impact

Currently, every supply chain stakeholder maintains their own data silo and there is no transparent, trusted and secure way to share data. This creates a lack of consistent data (timely, complete and accurate) and actors are unable to recognize or stop transportation of counterfeit, dangerous goods on their own. The result is delay and uncertainty.

The various parties understand that more regulations, compliance and data hoarding won’t work. What is needed is transparent collaboration and validation through solutions such as a virtual twin protocol or decentralized identifiers for products and parts. These solutions cannot add to the costs, as COVID-19 vaccine production and distribution have very low margins throughout the chain.


COVID-19 surprised us all. We cannot allow ourselves to be surprised by the distribution of 4 billion doses of COVID vaccines in the near future. They will be produced by multiple competing pharma companies and have to remain cool all the way from the factory to the patient.

The reputations of all parties involved are at stake,while supply chain visibility is higher than ever. The failure rate must be zero, with all vaccines delivered on time and free of tampering.

Now imagine the medication and supply chain industries looking beyond their own commercial interests and delivering vaccines as effectively as possible. How would this affect our global recovery from the pandemic, and what new opportunities could arise for the entire supply chain industry if we embraced this collaborative approach?

Interaction with government and enforcement agencies is vital in facilitating market and patient access. (Pre-arrival) customs clearance, which can currently take between several days and weeks, could become a critical factor.


The challenge for the teams and everyone helping them:

The supply chain industry will have to become more agile rapidly. To that end, we aim to co-create a protocol and application for authentication throughout the supply chain. Such a trusted ecosystem agent will bridge the gap in trust within the air cargo market, enabling all parties in the supply chain to give and receive relevant and compliant data (almost) in real time.

Find out what each team is building and which part of the problem they are tackling, and how you can contribute.

Selected teams



Keyko Sensei










By applying for Momentum, you can take part in these activities:


September-October 2020

Getting ready phase

Connect and prepare with everyone ahead of Odyssey Momentum (online):

  • Touching Base Session on
    September 15th
  • Getting Ready event on October 29th
  • Challenge meetup


November 13-15, 2020

49 hours of online mass collaboration

Co-create new solutions to this challenge with five teams and hundreds of experts:

  • Share your story and experience
  • Ask questions and provide feedback
  • Choose your favorite solution and become part of the pilot project after Momentum


December-January 2020

Starting the pilot

The best solution is turned into a pilot project with everyone involved.

Be the first to test and help improve the solutions.

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