Vattenfall invites you to help in the challenge of incentivizing consumers to communicate energy demand and production to allow all stakeholders to balance the grid.

Find out below what you can do and how you can participate in Odyssey Momentum, November 13-15, 2020.

An invitation to get involved

During Odyssey Momentum, November 13-15, five selected teams will build new solutions to the challenge of Vattenfall. We invite you to join the online environment to see what teams are working on, interact with their ideas, and contribute to new solutions that are valuable for you.
Therefore, Vattenfall is inviting energy specialists throughout the entire sector, from DSOs and TSOs to solar power solution providers, to work with the teams, be the first to test and give feedback to the solutions, and then help launch the best solutions after the event.


Our power system is becoming increasingly more decentralized and complex. By using solar PV, consumers have become electricity producers as well, and the number of these ‘prosumers’ is increasing. All the while, the electricity demand is rising due to the electrification of transport and industry. Cities around the world are electrifying their public transport systems, but if all busses would be charged around the time people are in the kitchen preparing dinner, the current grid would not be able to cope.
The energy sector is striving to make the best of these developments, but so far the sector remains fragmented with a large number of initiatives and pilots spread over start-ups, scale-ups, countries, DSOs, TSOs, utilities, and regulators.
Balance the Grid Impact

Balancing the power grid is and will be more and more difficult and expensive. While technological advances have already disrupted many areas of the power system and, for example, empowered consumers to become producers and traders of their own electricity, the balancing markets still resemble an exclusive club of the big industry players. How can we enable also small consumers and prosumers to contribute to balancing? 


The power grid is one of the most sophisticated infrastructures ever built. By building the energy flexibility ecosystem on a digital protocol layer, the network will become fit for a fossil-free future and will prevent major and costly physical grid investments that will impact the grid and its customers. It will make the power system more robust and transparent, enabling anyone to build an infinite amount of business cases on top of your solution. 


The challenge for the teams and everyone helping them:

“Enable the entire energy sector to transition from an ego-system to an eco-system, where everyone and anything is incentivized to share demand AND production of green power. You will co-create the fast and energy efficient digital power market commons by developing a protocol communication layer to power an awesome fossil-free future within one generation.”

Find out what each team is building and which part of the problem they are tackling, and how you can contribute.

Selected teams









By applying for Momentum, you can take part in these activities:


September-October 2020

Getting ready phase

Connect and prepare with everyone ahead of Odyssey Momentum (online):

  • Touching Base Session on
    September 15th
  • Getting Ready event on October 29th
  • Challenge meetup


November 13-15, 2020

49 hours of online mass collaboration

Co-create new solutions to this challenge with five teams and hundreds of experts:

  • Share your story and experience
  • Ask questions and provide feedback
  • Choose your favorite solution and become part of the pilot project after Momentum


December-January 2020

Starting the pilot

The best solution is turned into a pilot project with everyone involved.

Be the first to test and help improve the solutions.

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7.2 The solution will be contributing to the substantial share of renewable energy in the global mix.
9.4 The solution will contribute to the upgrade of infrastructure & retrofit industries to make them more sustainable.
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