Incentivizing sharing
information on hazardous materials

BUIDL with physical safety experts, firefighters and the Dutch Ministry of Justice & Security to contribute massively to public safety, by preventing or containing major disasters resulting from hazardous materials. Work on a prototype that incentivizes private companies to automatically share their information, regarding the transport and storage of hazardous materials.



How can private companies contribute to public safety by automatically sharing their information regarding transport and storage of hazardous materials? When sufficiently incentivized, these companies could highly contribute to a truly dynamic and even live risk profile of regions, cities and smaller areas. This dynamic profile could contribute massively to preventing or containing major disasters, as rescuers know where all hazardous materials (close to) the epicentre of the disaster are.

We expect teams to develop a prototype / Proof of Concept that can be developed further in changing coalitions. In this way we want to stimulate lasting and natural innovation in the safety domain.


Dutch Safety Consortium

Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (IFV), Ministry of Justice & Safety, the Dutch Safety Regions of Friesland, Groningen and Rotterdam and a collaboration of all Dutch public safety answering points (PSAP, Dutch: meldkamer), which serve as the communications hubs for all safety organisations (e.g. fire brigade, police, etc.) in the Netherlands.


Hazardous materials experts from transport companies

Hazardous materials advisers from the fire brigade

Fire officer
RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment)

DCMR (Rijmond Regional Environmental Service)


The safety regions will develop an Enterprise Service Bus enclosing the open source data (starting January 2019).


Pre-Startup & Startup


We are looking for a protocol.


Both open and closed:
Open source, because environmental data such as meteorological data, infrastructural data, environmental data, etc. is publicly available. We’re not looking for a complete solution in this phase.
Closed source because companies in the logistic chain have the most suitable hazardous materials information.

We want to further improve the suppression of road accidents involving hazardous materials, making it safer and less time-consuming, with less cargo and infrastructure losses.

Ambition and goals

Real-time reliable information (live civilian/sensor feed) at the accident scene during the suppression

Track record in innovation and acceleration with teams/companies

To be included.


Current consortium:

The Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (IFV)
Ministry of Justice & Safety
Safety Region Friesland,
Safety Region Groningen
Safety Region Rotterdam
Dutch collaborating public-safety answering points


IFV welcomes the following organisations to join their consortium: inspection bodies (IL&T), transport companies, KNMI, infraproviders, RIVM, DCMR. Transport company representatives/agents and IT (blockchain) specialists are also needed.


What does the partner have to offer: The Netherlands consists of 25 independent Safety Regions. IFV provides further support to winning teams by enabling them to present their solution to the Dutch fire brigade’s hazardous materials working group and to the represented districts.

What do consortium partners have to offer.Access to the Dutch Crisis and Disaster Management networ

This is an opportunity to pitch your solution either on a national level or to specific safety regions. Safety regions share a lot of information, so if a solution works well in one Safety Region, the chance of it being implemented in other Safety Regions increases. The better your solution, the greater the chance of adoption on a national scale


Read this report for an introduction to hazardous materials road transport information:

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Nils Rosmuller, Professor Transport Safety at the Institute for Safety in the Netherlands

Any questions? Please contact Nils and the entire Track through the community Crisis and disaster management-group: 

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