World’s biggest
blockchain & AI hackathon

April 2-6, 2020
Groningen, the Netherlands

Build shared solutions to complex challenges and commonize the public digital infrastructure.
Who is a Jedi?

A Jedi is an expert at the Hackathon and is the supporting force for teams. Teams blast off in space for their Odyssey during the Hackathon; the Jedi are their Houston.


Jedi come in various forms; technical, legal, business, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data science, cryptography, decentralization, tokenization, regulation, etc. More than 200 Jedi contribute to the success of the hackathon by guiding the teams around (and sometimes even through) obstacles. Jedi work closely with the teams and encourage collaboration between them (instead of competition). Jedi stimulate teams to be more creative, daring and thought-provoking.

Benefits of being a Jedi

Jedi experience first-hand the cutting-edge innovation in blockchain and AI. They witness and impact the co-creation of new solution prototypes. While at it, they also connect with the fellow knowledge-carrying Jedi from various disciplines. 

How can you become a Jedi?

If you know how to use your knowledge to support 100 teams on their Odyssey, please reach out to Anna Atamas ( Please take note that the selection and curation process is very strict; make sure to convey your expertise and motivation well.