How to communicate biometrics
safely in a multi-stakeholder setting?

KLM and its partners want to deliver a smooth, hygienic and hands-in-pocket experience for its travelers, as reports show that in 2035 international air arrivals are expected to reach 7.4 billion travelers, doubling the amount of travelers compared to today.


Biometric data must be shared and treated in the utmost safe manner, to enable stakeholders in the ecosystem to provide a seamless travel and to securely collaborate on a better traveler experience without the need of a trusted third party.

KLM has successfully finished its biometrics pilot at Aruba airport, which allowed passenger to enroll at arrival and seamlessly travel through the airport. The pilot showed the potential of facial recognition. This seamless flow concept requires a one time enrollment at the airport and the biometrics gates allow the passenger consequently to pass several touchpoints (such as check-in, baggage drop off, immigration and boarding) without showing their passport or boarding pass.

Now it is time to scale this pilot to enable home enrollment, border crossing and even pre-clearance. The ask for the community is to co-create a working prototype for passengers, to place biometric information on a smart device in such a way, that it is GDPR proof, interoperable and can not be spoofed, possibly by using a single token.

Would it potentially be possible to enroll in the system already at your local municipality when for example picking up your passport? Part of the challenge is the sharing/communication of data from government to government (G2G), a crucial element since it’s about international travelling.

KLM collaborates on biometric developments with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, Ministry of Defense, the Netherlands National Office of Identity Management, Schiphol Airport and the Dutch Royal Marechaussee.


Aviation Innovation & Blockchain Specialist
Selfie ID (pilot project of KLM) project manager and developer
Privacy and Legal Aviation Specialist
Project manager biometrics pilot(s)
Corporate Innovation Director


KLM has performed various pilots on biometrics since 2015, and will offer insights and relevant (dummy) datasets for you to use. Please approach us before and during our Track Deep Dive and we will prepare the relevant dataset for you.

More to follow.


Startup: a ‘matured’ start-up that has shown experience in working with corporates (and knows the dynamics of a big corporate)
Mature SME: experts in the field of biometrics and the integration with blockchain 


Application solution, to see how we can place biometric information securely on a smart device. As we have several initiatives in blockchain right now, you need to take the interoperability of your solution into account.
Protocols to be used are for instance Ocean, IOTA or Sovrin, we of course invite teams to build on their protocol of preference, please explain why you choose a certain protocol.


The basis and core of the solution will have to be open source,, to be able to scale and adopt by every stakeholder in the aviation industry in the future.
The pilot KLM wants to perform with your solution will be closed at first, in order to experiment in a safe, trusted way.


KLM wants to be Europe’s most customer centric, innovative and efficient network carrier.

Ambition and goals

KLM wants to be the first airline in the world to offer its customers a working smartphone solution based on biometrics.


Track record in innovation and working to accelerate with teams/companies

KLM has wide experience in several pilots with innovative companies and in innovation. A link with an overview of our initiatives will be places here in due time.



Current consortium. KLM is working with several private and governmental stakeholders. We intend to invite them to join the process at a relevant moment: pre-, during or after the Hackathon.


Welcoming. Mobile device (smartphone) producers

Telecommunications companies




What does the partner offer. Potential winning teams’ role in the dedicated KLM Blockchain x Biometrics Product Team, which KLM will scale in April/May 2019.


A presentation or demo to KLM Digital Studio, the innovation hub of KLM.

A presentation or demo for KLM Customer Experience.


What do consortium partners offer. We will connect and engage our stakeholders to maximize the chances of success for your solution.




Aruba Happy Flow-pilot


‘Machine Readable Travel Documents’

Before building u must be aware of the ICAO organization standards, for example of number of pixels on a passport photo.


EU Fortex Standards on acceptance rate, where a balance between customer experience and security is always being sought. Link to be presented as soon as possible.




Jordie Knoppers – Care Team Director – KLM


Any questions? Please approach Jordie and the entire Track through the community International Traveling-group:

Interview with Jordie Knoppers, KLM

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