Becoming an oracle in the
Digital Infrastructure of a Nation

BUIDL with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce to improve trust in the digital business world. Can we create an autonomous, independent business identity checker? How will an independent oracle have a role in the Digital Infrastructure of a Nation?


The mission of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) makes life easier for entrepreneurs by providing useful information and trustworthiness, safety and security when doing business. Just as a citizen has an identity, so does each company, registered by the KvK.
The Dutch Chamber of Commerce is building an identity checker to allow entrepreneurs to identify themselves in the digital world. Implementing this pilot is the first step towards a new role as an oracle creating new and better products and services for companies, a groundbreaking paradigm shift for the Dutch entrepreneurial landscape.
You can build on this to help us become this oracle.

Our questions:
How can we increase trust in doing business in the world economy using new technologies?
How can we make it easier to do business with digital tools, diminish fraud and support systems for Know Your Customer processes, identity and access management?
How can I as an entrepreneur know with whom I’m dealing? Is my partner authorized to make this transaction? How can smart contracts be used for simple legal issues like legal forms, transactions, authentication, etc.


Architects, developers, identity experts, KVK experts, linked data experts


KVK Blockchain Identity Building block
KVK Trade Register dataset (dummydata)
KVK Open dataset
KVK Identity building block (QR codes)


Pre-Startup: yes, KVK stimulates entrepreneurship
Startup: yes, because they can move fast
Mature SME: yes, for less risk
Corporate, yes as a partner perhaps for collaboration


We are open to either


Not necessarily, depends on your approach, make sure you have a clear story and strategy.

New ideas, new suppliers, networking.

Ambition and goals

Building components to create trust in a digital business world.

Track record in innovation and acceleration with teams/companies

This is our third Odyssey Hackathon in Groningen! One 2018 team is now building for us.
KVK Innovation lab has performed several pilots with Hackathon teams (Chatbot, AI solutions, Blockchain solution).


Current consortium: KVK, Kadaster (Dutch land registry) and the Ministry of Justice and Safety join forces on this track. We are also part of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Brightlands Smart Services Campus.

Welcoming: Mature Blockchain builders


What does the partner have to offer: We promise to expand and enhance your winning prototype with us (15K assignment).

Exposure via KVK (social media) channels, guidance by KVK consultants.

What do consortium partners have to offer: Alignment between the consortium partners on technology and policy.
Encouragement of protocols and standards.



Don’t forget to check the following content to get a better insight into the topics of this challenge:
See the Track Deep Dive Presentation: here


Ben Schuttenbeld, manager Operations Innovationlab Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

Any questions? Please contact Ben and the entire Track through the community Digital Nation’s Infrastructure group: 

Interview with Joost Fleuren, KvK

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