November 13-15, 2020


Odyssey momentum

49 hours of mass online collaboration

Odyssey Momentum is an online event of 49 hours where complex 21st-century challenges are solved. Here, an immersive experience is combined with a game and meeting design that is completely focused on collaboration. Odyssey Momentum is the premiere of the online mass collaboration arena: a completely new virtual world where connections, partnerships, and valuable solutions are built.

Odyssey Momentum takes place from 13-15 November 2020 and is organized by Odyssey, as part of the Odyssey incubation program for multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Why should I participate?

November 13-15, the Momentum Online Mass Collaboration Arena opens for the first time ever. You can:

  • Help building solutions for challenges that impact your life
  • Work together with more than 2,000 participants and 105 teams working on 21 challenges 
  • Contribute with every skill and experience you have. Anyone can contribute so everyone can benefit. 
  • Become part of the follow-up multi-stakeholder pilots emerging from Momentum.
  • And in addition to that…experience the future of online collaboration
How can I participate?

You can apply now to participate in Momentum. With your participation, you support the teams working on the challenges with your skills and experience. These teams have been selected in advance and are currently preparing. Momentum participants are curated because we strive for an optimal supportive ecosystem for every challenge. You will be briefed by the Odyssey team after curation on how to optimally prepare for and contribute during Momentum. 

What will happen during Odyssey Momentum

More than 2.000 participants and 105 selected teams will work together to build solutions for 21 challenges  These challenges are lead by corporations, governments, and nonprofits from the US, France, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands (among them: Vattenfall, KLM Cargo, the Dutch National Police, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the International Council for Environmental Law, E.On, Engie, VMware, and the Dutch Ministries of Defence and the Interior).

For each challenge, five teams have been selected to prepare and co-create with these partners and their stakeholders. They will be supported by hundreds of experts from a variety of sectors, while actual end-users will be able to provide input and feedback to new solutions being built. The teams can also leverage this opportunity to actively develop a community of supporters, as new stakeholders such as governments or corporations can show interest in their solution directly during the event and become part of a pilot project after, for instance by becoming the first user.  

The challenges are tied directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, have a global societal and economic impact, and cover a variety of domains such as energy transition, acute healthcare, conflict prevention, conscious cities, critical infrastructure, logistics and supply chain, nature conservation, real estate, and digital identity. These complex problems can only be solved through mass collaboration and require a multi-stakeholder approach to achieve breakthrough solutions for collective progress.

New at Odyssey Momentum: online mass collaboration arena

Since 2017 Odyssey has organized Europe’s largest hackathon, specifically focusing on multi-stakeholder challenges tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thousands have already participated, and not without result. 2020, however, is different from any other year. Having 2.000 people from 50 countries work closely together for 48 hours in an old factory hall in the Dutch city of Groningen, simply isn’t feasible. Accelerated by the necessity of the COVID-19 crisis, Odyssey decided to go completely online.

It quickly became clear that in order to take the event online, existing meeting platforms wouldn’t suffice. You can’t simply ask 2.000 people to join a 48-hour Zoom or MS Teams or hangout meeting. Current event software platforms didn’t offer a solution either, as they don’t support multi-stakeholder collaboration processes. That is why over the past few months, Odyssey has developed its own platform – the online mass collaboration arena, which will premiere during Odyssey Momentum.

This online mass collaboration arena combines unique gaming and meeting design, completely focused on collaboration in a 3D experience, that will show the possibilities of the future. Through this platform, a pathway to meaningful action is facilitated between people building solutions, experts, problem owners, users, stakeholders as well as board members and investors. The ultimate goal is to achieve maximum results by collaborating in the most efficient way, and having a lot of fun while doing it.

After Momentum, the focus shifts from building the solutions to having them adopted. The best teams are supported to further develop their solutions and launching multi-stakeholder pilot projects with the challenge leads and stakeholders.

Need help?

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