Next Level (un)Conference

June 27, 2019

Brightlands SSC



(un)conference with us

We are opening the stage for you.

At the Odyssey NXL (un)conference at Brightlands SSC, you are welcome to host a session on a topic or question of your interest. We believe that through sharing your knowledge and leading a discussion, not only you can move forward but the entire ecosystem too.

Besides hosting your own session, you can attend the sessions by Odyssey, meet the teams from the Odyssey Hackathon 2019 and find out how far their solutions have progressed, and enjoy an epic BBQ.


U on stage! 

In the spirit of the (un)conference format, we invite you to host a 30-minute round table session on a topic or question of your interest. You can email our Community Manager Anna ( your session title(s), for us to announce it beforehand. Or just announce your session title on the day.

All Sessions are conversations, not presentations, with a max. of a 5-minute intro of the session by the host to post the idea and question(s) to the group. A big canvas is present for the participants to gather all drivers, killers, thoughts and ideas of your roundtable session.


Pro-tips and guidelines for a session

-Be very clear on the session topic and/or central question when pitching

-Try to create a session that is valuable for both you and the participants

-This is not a lecture-style presentation, but a discussion

-Respect time frames

-Prepare in advance, but not too much 😉

-No business product / ICO pitching

-Every voice is valued and respected



Apply for the event:

Like any other Odyssey event, the Next Level (un)conference is free and open but curated.


Add event to calendar (Thursday, June 27. 12:00-17:00)

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How to increase relevance and impact with users. Ron Kreutzer, Participating Team Pillar.

How to work with stakeholders to get to adoption. Daud Zulfacar, Winning Team Topia.

How to personally transform and reach breakthrough moments. Michiel Heij, Winning Team Socialtec.

The Open Session: about everything and nothing. Aleksandar Shopski, Winning Team The Future Firefighters.

Social impact and future applications of Web3 technologies. Sasha Kolupaev, Winning Team Tradisys.

How can we create an ecosystem of food & beverage brands for transparency and social impact Ricardo Garcia, Winning Team GoodChain.

Basics of ethics and moral philosophy in tech. Michiel Kemmer, Participating Team pFTW.

Design Thinking: overcoming patriarchy through non-violent collaboration. Bas Kaptijn and Youetta de Jager, ICTU.

Innovating in Ecosystems: how to win together? Nick van Apeldoorn, Kadaster.

Create your own Protocol Investment Vehicle. Rutger van Zuidam, Odyssey.

How to develop your solution’s ecosystem? Victoria Ous, Odyssey.

How to use the hackathon to put your brand in the spotlight. Mariia Stolyga, Odyssey

The Next Level Driver & Killer Wall. Stefan Kunst & Anna Atamas, Odyssey.



Smedestraat 2, Heerlen

Brightlands Smart Services Campus


Walk-in with lunch and mini-demos from the Odyssey Hackathon teams.


Word of welcome by Peter Verkoulen, CEO of Brightlands.


Keynote by Rutger van Zuidam, Founder of


From Hackathon to launch: Nathalie Drost and Dean Masley,

2017 Hackathon winners Nestegg, are now live!


Pitch your (un)conference session to participants


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Epic BBQ!