Odyssey brings together a unique international community of more than 6,000 members from around the world. From startups to governments, from scientists to regulators, from developers to legal experts, and many others, each holding a part of the solution to complex global challenges in their hands.


To connect directly to the Odyssey challenge leads and winning teams

To get inspired by knowledge, ideas and tips shared in the community

To keep updated about program developments and future events

To stay connected with the entire ecosystem of all relevant stakeholders


Connect, co-create, collaborate

Odyssey is an inspiring and supportive space, which enables everyone to contribute to the solutions to complex global problems. These are shared problems, which are difficult to solve by only one party. Therefore, we need a commonized digital public infrastructure, which everyone can use and build with it.

We – people – have power

At Odyssey, we believe that we – the people – have power to embrace the change and move this world forward. Because it is in our hands to become this alternative system and find new approaches to complex global problems. Together with everyone, who wants to be part of it, we can discover the future by actually building it.

Nobody is an expert, anyone can do it

In this community, we strive for a variety, inclusivity and multi-perspectivism. Because this is a story we can only write together and we need everyone to be part of it. Here, no one is an expert and anyone can hold a part of the solution in their hands!

Be an explorer, not a judge

First and foremost, Odyssey community aims to explore the possibilities with a beginner’s mind. Therefore, we admire willingness to experiment, openness to try (and often fail!), and especially, an intrinsic curiosity to explore, without any prejudgements or assumptions.

Skin and soul in the game

Above all, Odyssey is a business community doing good for society. This community unites those who have ‘soul in the game’ and are truly committed to moving this world forward. As well as it unites those who have ‘skin in the game’ to take risks.


  • Be an active community member! Share your knowledge, upload useful resources, and participate in discussions. Because your contribution – is the key to the growth and development of the ecosystem!
  • Try to collaborate before conflict. Above all, we strive for an open-minded community, which is willing to explore the possibilities. So let’s try to understand each other’s opinion first before judging and conflicting.
  • Be respectful. In this community, we do not tolerate disrespectful behavior, such as posting harmful messages towards other members of the community. Please, don’t also be silent if you observe such behavior!
  • No spamming. We encourage you to be compassionate and contribute in a respectful way. Because this helps to both save space in our inboxes and keep the longevity of the community.
  • No self-promotion. Please don’t use the community for a commercial purpose (e.g. ICO / business product promotion). We reserve the right to delete any content, which contains a commercial advertisement.

Please also note that Odyssey reserves the right to ban from the community those who refuse to follow the community rules even after receiving a fair warning and being approached by the moderators.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anna Atamas, our Community Manager, at

Need help?

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