Odyssey Hackathon 2020

September 11-13, 2020
Groningen, the Netherlands

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21 challenges to shape the 21st century

Odyssey Hackathon provides a new space where everyone (and everything) can become part of a solution to a 21st-century challenge.

The challenges we tackle are complex problems that involve multiple stakeholders and cannot be solved by a single company, industry, or state. They have a global societal and economic impact, and are tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

At the fourth edition of the Hackathon (September 11-13) in Groningen, the Netherlands, 105 selected teams will collaborate with corporates, governments, and non-profits to create solutions to how we organise society in the 21st century. The areas where teams can make an impact range from energy transition, logistics, urban infrastructure, healthcare, public safety to nature conservation and digital identity. Hundreds of Jedi, including the legal and financial regulators, will be there to support the teams in building their solutions.

All teams will be provided with access to ecosystems related to their challenge for further prototype development and pilot launch after the hackathon. All teams will also get the €200,000 total cash rewards.

Team applications will be open from January 20 until February 24.

To find out more about the challenges and get a head start in preparing for the hackathon, join Odyssey Connect on February 4-5 in the Hague.


Teams building
solutions for
complex challenges
 total participants
 tech, legal, and regulatory experts aka Jedi to support the teams

Why join?

 Work with corporate, governmental & non-profit challenge leads on complex challenges linked to UN SDGs.

Hackathon is the opener: gain launching client(s) and continue working with them after the hackathon.

Transform the way we do business, organise society and deal with the environment through mass collaboration.

€200,000 in total cash rewards for all teams.

21 challenge ecosystems ready to further support the scale and adoption of your solution. Learn more: Odyssey Ignite.

Firsthand knowledge and support from tech, legal, and regulatory experts to develop the best possible solution.


Get Involved


Apply to become one of the 105 teams carefully selected from around the world. Applications are open from January 20 until February 24.


Become part of the Odyssey crew and have fun creating an epic experience for 2,000 international guests.


Jedi play a vital role in guiding the teams through any problem they encounter. This highly curated community provides domain expertise.

Challenge ecosystem

Every Odyssey challenge is supercharged by stakeholders who share the ambition to solve the problem. They play a crucial part in launching the pilot.


Experience directly what development on the frontier of knowledge looks like. Email mvs@odyssey.org to get a press pass.


Support an emerging solution resulting from the hackathon. Check out all the winning solutions of 2019.


11:00 Registrations open at Groningen Forum
13:00-17:30 Masterclasses
20:30-01:00 Welcoming Party

10:00 Hackathon doors open at De Suiker, Groningen
11:00 Team Captain Briefing
12:00 Odyssey 2020 kick-off!

Keep going 🙂

12:00 Stop!
12:15 Judging
15:30 Award show
17:00 Drinks & Bites

10:00 Odyssey Decompression Brunch