Odyssey Hackathon – now Odyssey Momentum
November 13-15

Note: Odyssey Hackathon was moved online and rebranded as Odyssey Momentum. The contents of this page no longer apply.
  • Only the team captain can apply on behalf of the team.
  • At the moment of application, a team must be complete (5 or 6 people); teams with fewer members will not be eligible to apply.
  • Looking for team members? Find them in this community group
  • The selection will be carried out based on the information you provide in the application form and the following curation call
  • We will be selecting the teams in order of application; the sooner you apply, the sooner you enter this process.

If you have any questions about the application process, feel welcome to contact Anna Atamas, Odyssey Community Manager: aa@odyssey.org.


Odyssey is an open innovation program that connects selected teams from all over the world with the governmental, corporate, and non-profit launching partners, to enable the co-creation of new solutions to complex 21st-century challenges of global importance.

  • Hackathon is the opener: gain launching client(s) and continue working with them after the hackathon.
  • Transform the way we do business, organize society and deal with the environment through mass collaboration.
  • €200,000 in total cash rewards for all teams.

A track is a focus topic brought up by a partner, which we also refer to as a launching customer. Within one track there could be one or more challenges that the partner would like the teams to bring solutions to. Please check the Odyssey 2020 challenges here.

The hackathon is optimized for student teams, startups, established startups, scale-ups, SMEs, corporate teams, and community teams with an innovative solution for the outlined challenges.
The team requirements and qualities vary per challenge. For that, please check the “Eligible teams” section on each challenge page on odyssey.org.

We expect between 200 and 300 applications for 105 team spots.

To apply for one of the spots, the team captain must submit his full team in an application through odyssey.org between Jan 20 and Feb 24.

If the quality of your application is sufficient, we invite you for a curation call. The sooner you apply, the sooner you enter this process.

At the moment of application, a team must be complete (5 or 6 people); teams with fewer members will not be eligible. Please note that only the team captain can apply on behalf of the team.

Come to the 2-day knowledge exchange event – Odyssey Connect, Feb 4-5, The Hague – to meet your potential teammates and learn more about the Odyssey 2020 challenges.

Join our online community platform, where you can invite people to join your team or show interest to be part of an existing team. The platform is also a great way to ask questions to the challenge leads about their challenges.

Winning teams are: multi-disciplinary, skill-diverse (non-technical, technical and programming); focus on innovative and proactive problem-solving approach; and have a shared agreement and understanding of the problem and the solution they want to pursue.

We actively do research with the University of Groningen at every hackathon to learn what maximizes the results and outputs of the team.

IMPORTANT: make sure your team consists of people that can quickly adapt to change, as during our hackathon you will be experiencing time pressure in a dynamic environment.

No, all the team members must be present at the hackathon during 48 hours.

  1. All team captains have to fill in an application form covering all team roles, clear motivation, great ideas and plans to incubate and accelerate the solution after the Hackathon.
  2. Odyssey team will curate the applications and invite the team captains of the best applications for an interview call.
  3. After the interview phase, the Odyssey team will select the top teams based on the team’s motivation, ambition, and expertise.

Nope, participation is free of charge for all accepted teams and Jedi. You have to cover your own travel and accommodation expenses.

*if your company has over 1.000 employees, we expect your team to contribute €7.500 in organizing costs. To be paid after the curation (selection) process (only to be paid when you get in, of course) and in advance of the Hackathon.

The team owns the IP. Please note that open-source elements are a crucial part of every challenge and, by default, your solution. Check more in General Conditions of Participants (6.1).

The total cash rewards pool is €200.000. The biggest prize, however, is the opportunity to actually further develop your solution with an ecosystem of highly motivated stakeholders.

A Jedi is an expert at the Odyssey Hackathon in various fields: technical (blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics and more), legal, business, data science, ethics, storytelling, ecosystem building, cryptography, decentralization, tokenization, regulation, government policy, product development, investing, etc.

More than 300 Jedi work closely with the teams to encourage collaboration between them (instead of competition) and stimulate teams to be more creative, daring and thought-provoking.

All accepted teams can connect to Jedi on the online community platform and at Odyssey Connect (Feb 4-5, the Hague).

There is no single physical venue for this event, as it’s a completely online experience (on November 13-15).

More information about the practicalities of the online edition will be shared in due time.

We ask all participants to help us create an inclusive and safe environment by conforming to the General Conditions for Participants.

Following the hackathon, the program focuses on further developing these prototype solutions into MVPs ready for mass adoption.

The hackathon has been rescheduled and will now take place online on November 13-15 (previously, it was scheduled for April 3-5 in Groningen, the Netherlands).

Read the message from Odyssey CEO.