World’s biggest
blockchain & AI hackathon

Next edition: April 2-4, 2020
Groningen, the Netherlands

Build shared solutions to complex challenges and commonize the public digital infrastructure.

The Odyssey Hackathon enables developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to co-create solutions to the challenges contributed by program partners and launching customers using blockchain, AI or other advanced technology. The hackathon is the ultimate launchpad for new innovative businesses.

In 2017, we brought together 450 attendees, grouped in 5 tracks, who built 55 prototypes.

In 2018, we gathered 1000 attendees in 7 tracks working on 64 prototypes.

In 2019, 1500 attendees co-created breakthrough solutions for 20 complex challenges in 11 tracks. 60 jury panel members have elected 20 winning teams + solutions, ranging from wildlife restoration to data privacy and fossil-free future to cargo insurance and inclusive banking. All 100 hackathon teams are supported by Odyssey in moving their solution forward.

Why join?

Impactful #commonization challenges to work on with the leading tech, legal and regulatory experts and launching customers

Access to a thriving international ecosystem and launching customers

€200K euro in cash rewards for the best-performing teams

The best opportunity to accelerate your business through the decentralized incubation program

20 partner consortia ready to incubate and accelerate every great team and solution

Firsthand knowledge from leading experts and visionaries in the field of blockchain & AI

Who can apply?

Freshly formed teams

Pre-existing startups or SMEs or corporate teams

The team should have 5 to 6 members

Timeline 2019


Soft Kick-Off

11:00 – 18:00 Register and get your wristband at Groninger Forum

13.30 – 15.00 Masterclasses by leading experts on technology, law and entrepreneurship at tech companies throughout the city

15.45 – 17.15 Second Round of Masterclasses

20.30 – 1.00 Opening party at DOT Groningen


Start of the main program: 10.00 Hackathon Doors Open – Suikerfabriek Groningen

11.30 Make sure you are ready to rumble!

12.00 Lift-off

Go go go!

12.00 Go go go!!! (Suikerfabriek Groningen)


12.00 Stop coding!

12.15 Judging your solutions

15.30 Award Show

17.00 Drinks and Bites – End of the main program

Location: Suikerfabriek Groningen

20 greatest teams

Program evolving only around the 20 winning teams – Odyssey Ignite

10.00 – 11:00 Walk in

11.00 – 11:30 Official opening

11.30 – 12:30 Solutions in the Spotlight

12.30 – 13:10 Discovery Session

13:10 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 14:30 The Inspiration Carousel

14:30 – 15:10 Exploratory Session

15:10 – 16:00 Deployment Session

16:00 – .. Networking


Location: Suikerfabriek Groningen


Get Involved


Become part of the Odyssey family and work shoulder to shoulder to organize the biggest blockchain/AI hackathon in the world.


As a blockchain/AI experts, Jedi play a vital role in guiding the teams through any problem they encounter.


Consortium partners co-create an ecosystem with challenge holders and provide teams with relevant knowledge and tools


Experience directly what development on the frontier of knowledge looks like. Interview experts and visionaries in the field of blockchain and AI


Gather insights from what leading-edge startups


A hackathon is a 48 hours pressure cooker where teams built solutions to the challenges brought by the launching customers/ sponsors. The hackathon is also a competition between the teams with a chance to win a cumulative €200.000 cash reward.

A track is a focus topic brought up by a partner, which we also refer to as launching customer. Within one track there could be one or more challenges that the partner would like the teams to bring solutions to. Please check the different 2019 challenges here <link to the tracks overview>.

The hackathon is optimized for pre-startups, startups, small businesses and corporate teams with an innovative solution for the outlined challenges. Only team captain with a full team of 5 to 6 people can apply on behalf of the team.

Join our online community, where you can invite people to join your team or show interest to be part of an existing team. The platform is also a great way to ask questions to the challenge-owners and sign up for the upcoming Deep Dives.

Every team needs to have 5-6 members with a diverse set of skills.

Important: make sure your team consists of people that can quickly adapt to change, as during our hackathon you will be experiencing time pressure in a dynamic environment.

Mandatory team expertise/roles:
front-end developer
back-end developer
UX/ UI designer
Business/ enterprise/ software architect
Team captain

Suggested additional team expertise/roles:
Data wizard
Business or marketing expert
Creative (art, audio, etc.)
Domain expert
Communications expert

  1. All team captains have to fill in an application form covering all team roles, clear motivation, great ideas, and plans to incubate and accelerate the solution after the Hackathon.
  2. Odyssey team will curate the applications and invite the captains of best applications for an interview call.
  3. After the interview phase, Odyssey team will select the top 100 teams based on the team’s motivation, ambition, and expertise.

Participation is free. You have to arrange your own travel & accommodation.

*if you are a corporate company-team, and your company has over 1.000 employees, we expect your team to contribute €5.000  in organizing costs. To be paid after the curation (selection) process (only to be paid when you get in, obviously) and in advance of the Hackathon.

The IP of the work that is produced throughout the hackathon belongs to the team ONLY IF the challenge holder does not mention that the codes should be open source. Check carefully the conditions of each challenge beforehand.

Jedi are experts on any domain thinkable who are at your disposal throughout the hackathon to help you reach your unexpected discovery.

Last year, over 150 leading experts were present, they excelled in:
C++, C, CSS, Ethereum, HTML, Hyperledger, IBM Cloud, Java, Javascript, JQuery, Node JS #Python # R # React # Ruby # Rust # Scala Solidity # Tradle # Watson # Web3 # AI # Animation # Business models # Business Process Modelling # Construction # Consumer Behavior # Cyber Security # Data Science # Databases # Design # Design Thinking # Energy # Finance # Funding # Game Design # Gamification # Gas industry # Health care # Lean Six Sigma # Legal, Regulations # Marketing # Mobility # Open Source Licensing # Pensions # Presentations # QA # Real Estate # Risk Management # SCRUM # Storytelling # Taxes
And much, much, more…

Every one of our 20 challenges will have 5 teams competing for 10.000 euro cash rewards. This is the division of cash rewards for every challenge:


Winner: € 7.500
Runner up: € 1.500
3rd: € 500
4 and 5: € 250

The venue will be open 24/7 from Friday to Monday.

You can NOT sleep at the venue, please arrange your own accommodation.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday shuttle buses will be available from Groningen Central Station and the Grote Markt (central square of Groningen) to the Hackathon venue.
The buses will be available all mornings and in the evenings. Check out the exact timetable.

Be sure to bring your laptop & ID.

We will provide post-its and all thinkable writing & drawing material.

Odyssey Ignite is the final day of the Odyssey Hackathon, which will happen on the Monday, April 15. However, it is the beginning of a venture. From the 100 teams all over the world, 20 best solutions were selected. At Odyssey Ignite these winning solutions are just one day old. This is the first moment to engage with the winning teams and their solutions to incubate an ecosystem with the challenge holders, key stakeholders, and investors.

After the conference, the teams will go through the Odyssey Incubation Program. For more information, visit the Incubation Program page

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