Build the unimaginable
In the Nature 2.0 track, inspiring unimaginable non-human narratives combine with exploration of new and buildable digital entities as we employ the possibilities offered by blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets to create open source ecosystems.Think about developing DAOs, AI DAOs, digital twins, self-driving cars, distributed marketplaces for sensor & AI data, and much more. Build the Unimaginable but Buildable!
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Which elements of our day-to-day life that we consider normal are actually quite insane? And which seemingly crazy solutions are viable, with our current human narrative, not technology, proving the only hurdle. Disruptions always seem crazy beforehand. We want you to seek out the crazy; the ODD in odyssey.

Build the Unimaginable

8.7 million animal species have working ecosystems to fulfill basic needs such as housing, food, transportation, energy, etc. None of these ecosystems are based on ownership, identity as we use it, or money. Some aren’t even based on scarcity, but instead on cooperation, resulting in abundant resources. For free. This is unimaginable and crazy to just one species, us humans, even as many other species live the reality.

Build a Commons, an Ecosystem to Create Abundance, an Ownerless Ecosystem

When you choose to enter this challenge, your world will never be the same.

We invite you to rethink the system. Check out the dedicated website to find resources to build the solutions of tomorrow.

A number of friends popped up with inspiring challenges that could be topics for teams to work on. If you’d like to start accelerating your solution even before the Hackathon, these communities are waiting for you to assist you on your quest.

Please note: Nature 2.0 will host ten teams for our one challenge, with a total cash reward of EUR 20,000.

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The unimaginable
You start your journey by revealing the craziness in everyday life; challenging the elements and interactions of value chains that only make sense from a profit perspective, but seen through an engineering lens, are very bad.
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The buildable
We ask you to explore the possibilities of blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets to create open source ecosystems. Think developing DAOs, AI-DAOs, digital twins, autonomous assets (self-driving cars), user-curated lists and distributed marketplaces for sensor & ai data and AI algorithms.


We intend you to build a community together before, during & after the Hackathon and will contribute a dedicated video and graphics facilitation/artwork team in support.

We will also provide a Nature2.0 Quickscan at the Getting Ready Conference on 13 March.

 During the Hackathon you will have access to:  Duinn-technology Radar & research/ number-chrunching for  teams,  a TEDx pitchcoach, Oceanprotocol, SingularityNet, IOT and Biomimicry specialists 


We explored a three-layer approach to new building blocks with three meetups in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Layer 1: Plugged in

(visit soon)

Layer 2: Hyvemind

Layer 3: Self-actualisation

(join the event on Jan 16 Jan.)

A video, presentation, open source code, and test nets of applications shared during sessions will be available soon on > Buildable


We are looking for a mix of teams, from pre-startups to corporate, to generate creative ideas and viable solutions.

Everybody is welcome to join the challenge.

Meet last year’s teams for an impression of their composition and journeys:

Kryha, Oddbot, Team Blocktrain, Team Elkrem, Team 8D, Team LiftOff, OneUp, Team WeQuest, Cool Runnings.


We are searching for both protocol and application solutions.


Open source (GPL /A-GPl/  CC4.0 NC BY SA)
Check out Gilles Gravier (Wipro) explaining what open source is and which model to use.


We want to identify and expose disruptions before they occur, to understand them and use them to benefit society.

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Ambition and goals

Nature 2.0 aims for an ownerless layer of natural resources and intelligent agents to promote sustainable public utilities in a world of abundance.

Track record in innovation and acceleration with teams/companies

Last year’s Track winner,, is now working on their winning solution,, together with Ocean and MIT. Grex is a commons solution, an ownerless service to the world.


Current consortium:
Ocean Protocol

Anybody benefiting society, interested in critical infrastructures, focused on basic needs as commons.

Any entity working on UN Sustainable Development Goals

VC for good.



What does the partner have to offer. Working & investing in building a community/commons.Working on ecosystems for critical infrastructure entities to whom your work is relevant. Before, during and after the Hackathon, we’ll co-create funding strategies for commons with you.

What do consortium partners have to offer.Cutting edge technology, (blockchain/AI). Intrinsic motivation to create a better world.


See for all relevant context and content (The unimaginable, The buildable, Friends of Nature2.0)

Track Deep Dive presentation: here

Track Deep Dive livestream: here


Jan-Peter Doomernik – Sr. Business Developer – Enexis Netbeheer
Any questions? Please contact Jan-Peter and the entire Track through the community Nature 2.0-group

Interview with Jan-Peter Doomernik, Enexis

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