The Cargo Insurance
Protocol for the world

BUIDL the protocol to help tokenize the insurance of cargo and bring more transparency to the insurance industry. Solutions like permanent track & trace and data analytics already exist, and now it’s time to reinforce them with the power of blockchain so companies can better manage their cargo risk.


Can an ‘Insurance Token’ be attached to cargo as additional ID (besides the bill of lading), changing hands every time a new transporter or carrier takes responsibility for the transport or temporarily storage of the cargo? First only to prove whether the cargo is/isn’t insured, with the current holder of the token responsible and liable for the cargo. Later adding smart contracts based on IoT measurements, for instance (Was this fish kept at -18 degrees Celsius at all times?).

Can this Token be created at the protocol level and fully open source, for easy integration with any proprietary or open source cargo ID system, anywhere up or down the supply chain, by the entire market?

TVM wants to revolutionize the way we insure cargo towards ‘risk management and insurance from the cargo perspective’, to lower costs and friction throughout the entire supply chain, thus benefiting both its clients and society.

Transport Verzekerings Maatschappij (TVM) is a so-called mutual cooperation owned by transporters with over 50 years of experience in cargo insurance. It is market leader in the Netherlands with a solid presence in Belgium and a growing business in Germany. TVM is transitioning from a specialized transportation insurer towards a logistic services cooperation, as new tech solutions such as permanent tracking and data (analytics) create important opportunities for TVM clients to get what they really want (managed risks), rather than ‘just’ an insurance policy.


Legal expert (TVM)
Data scientist (TVM)
Logistics expert (TBD)


We will provide data in a simulated environment resembling real-life examples.


Mature SME

We are looking for tech and design expertise in teams, and motivation to solve what we think is a difficult challenge.


Although the internal TVM debate has not been completely finalised, protocol seems the way to go. The protocol should provide solutions to the data vs information challenge as well as easy access to reliable information vs privacy.

To be continued and decided!


As a customer-owned mutual insurer, it is fitting for us to contribute instead of prioritising protection and proprietary solutions. So yes, open source!


Active involvement and helping to build are the best ways to explore (future) possibilities and find potential new solutions and business, especially from the perspective of a ‘mutual company’.

Ambition and goals

It is our ambition to extend the principle of ‘mutuality’ in insurance as it is today to more effective and efficient insurance and risk management. We believe that technology is the answer.

Track record in innovation and acceleration with teams/companies

We have experience with several startups, having invested in one and currently developing projects with another.


Current consortium: We are talking with several companies and experts, and expect to publish names as soon as possible.


Welcoming: Tech startups and experts

Logistic companies

Supply Chain experts

Last but not least, (other) insurers



What does the partner have to offer. Meeting with TVM Board

Market exposure

Access to market of Logistics and Insurance

Potential investment

The winning team of this challenge will present to all their owners and customers (150 transport companies) of TVM on Wednesday 17 April, directly following the Hackathon, to directly engage to the TVM board and their owners and customers

What do consortium partners have to offer. TVM strives for an open and inclusive consortium, beneficial to the sector and the current actors in the sector specifically, focused on mutual insurance and risk management.



There are several videos showing relevant current activities, but we believe all these solutions lack both sufficient insurance/risk management capabilities and the openness required for widespread adoption:

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Thomas van Noort – Manager Business Development – TVM

Any questions? Please contact Thomas and the entire Track through the community Future of Cargo Insurance-group:

Interview with Thomas van Noort, TVM

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