Create the key enabler for energy transition
Build an open-protocol solution to leapfrog the energy transition by enabling small-scale green energy producers to certify their energy, validate the data and feed it into the system, bringing us closer to a fossil-free future. Winning hackathon solutions will be incubated and scaled in the European energy market with Vattenfall.


Feeding green energy into the system requires a certification process, as all producers must be able to prove and verify that their energy is truly green.

Small-scale green energy production, for instance by households with solar panels, currently cannot be labeled and certified as ‘green’ to be fed back into the system as such: after all, who can prove it was really the solar panel producing the added energy?

This means there are currently a lot of ‘grey’ energy producers trading on the green energy market. Can we come up with a solution for smaller producers to certify their green energy, to have their data validated in (near) real-time?

To answer this challenge, Vattenfall invites grid and energy data companies to work alongside the teams and possibly create a European standard. The goal is to create one of the key facilitators to leapfrog the energy transition, with an open protocol to ensure broad adoption, and no additional hardware.


Business, legal, tax and IT experts from Vattenfall
Vattenfall is in conversation with other stakeholders to form a consortium with all relevant parties for this value chain.


Specific datasets to fit the individual teams will be determined after talking to the team captains for this track.
Basic Vattenfall energy market datasets and challenge-specific items will be available during the Hackathon.


Mature SME 


We are looking for protocol solutions, as in our vision the solution will only be viable with a structured adaptive (eco)system. Any competition can take place between the commercial solutions building on top of this protocol.


Open source:
We expect teams to build an open protocol to be launched and adopted on a European level.


Vattenfall’s mission is to become fossil-free within one generation.
Vattenfall is a leading European energy company, that has electrified industries, supplied energy to people’s homes and modernised our way of living through innovation and cooperation for over a hundred years.
We employ approximately 20,000 people and operate mainly in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK and Finland. Vattenfall is wholly owned by the Swedish state.
Electricity customers: 6,450,000
Heating customers: 2,090,000
Electricity network customers: 3,290,000
Gas customers: 2,340,000

Nuon Vattenfall

Ambition and goals

We want to make fossil-free living possible within one generation. We therefore encourage the transition to a more sustainable energy system through the expansion of renewable production and climate-smart energy solutions for our customers.
We need emerging technologies like blockchain, AI and machine learning to reach that goal. Members of the Odyssey ecosystem will build a new protocol layer to leapfrog the energy transition and we will help incubate and launch their solution.

Concrete goals for this challenge:
As a society, we need a <better>, <faster> and <cheaper> solution to achieving full disclosure concerning energy flows.

/<Better>: Good data, insightful, clear, comprehensive

/<Faster>: Real-time

/<Cheaper>: No additional hardware, low admin cost

We need a reliable system. Currently, only <large> green production is certified. <large>=1MW per month.Certification is annual. Certiq, the Dutch organisation responsible for and mandated to hand out these certificates, operates under supervision of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

Paths to explore:

  • How do we create a reliable, single point of truth via blockchain/DLT?
  • How do we certify not only large-scale production but also small home production?
  • How could we use IoT to measure in-house consumption of the production of e.g. solar panels and measure feed-in without giving insight into the behavior of the energy consumer?
  • How can we estimate the usage of “old meters” and inverters without an IoT connection using AI/ML?
  • How can we be sure the energy is produced from renewable assets
  • We have approx. eight million meters to use as data points; how do we handle the Big Data?
  • To make the energy transition leap, we need insight on how to answer the above questions, plan the path to the Paris agreement and implement that plan.

Track record in innovation and acceleration with teams/companies

Over the last two years, Vattenfall has supported over half the teams in their track with:
Pitching to the Vattenfall board
Business training
Connecting with internal and external stakeholders



Current consortium: Vattenfall is currently working to set up a full consortium with all relevant market players. We will update the website as new parties join.

Welcoming: Distribution system operators (DSO), transmission system operators (TSO), government, protocol foundations and experts on forming consortia on a European scale.



What does the partner have to offer: The consortium (still under development) will offer the opportunity to instantly scale up your solution throughout the energy market chain on a European level.

Vattenfall will guide and support you in this process.


What do consortium partners have to offer: To be included



To be included



Michiel Sintenie – Business Innovation & Strategy Europe – Vattenfall

Any questions? Please contact Michiel and the entire Track through the community group Fossil Free Future:

Interview with Michiel Sintenie, Vattenfall

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