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WHO are we?

Odyssey is an open innovation program that connects governmental, corporate, and non-profit partners to breakthrough solutions based on blockchain and AI, and fosters the creation of interconnected, multi-stakeholder ecosystems that collaboratively solve complex 21st-century challenges. Odyssey mobilizes a global community of key stakeholders through a series of preparatory events, the world’s biggest blockchain & AI hackathon, and a decentralized business incubation program to scale and adopt the best solutions.

Open Innovation Program

Bridging the gap between challenge owners and solvers. 

We begin each program season by bringing together the essential stakeholders to define the complex challenges, taking into account the complexity of the problems and the diversity of perspectives. Having articulated the challenges, we exchange knowledge at Deep Dives and together prepare for the momentum⁠—the 48-hour hackathon (world’s biggest blockchain & AI hackathon!) where teams develop their prototype solutions, supported by partners, 200+ specialized experts aka Jedi, and the regulators. 

However, we also believe that each emergent solution would be nothing without adoption, and that’s why Odyssey is dedicated to growing a supportive ecosystem around each solution to maximize its chances of being adopted. The best hackathon teams proceed to the Odyssey incubation program where they continue developing their solutions, growing their ecosystems, and exploring adoption. 

In the past three years, Odyssey has delivered to its partners over 230 working prototypes, of which 30% are being developed further towards adoption or have already been adopted. Odyssey is now in its fourth season.

Program Overview
Season’s kick-off event to establish the “north star”, our guiding principle for the season

At Deep Dives (Odyssey Connect) the ecosystem is providing vertical knowledge and prepares for the hackathon

48 hours to co-create a 100 prototype solutions to the challenges


Launching the ecosystems of the winning solutions by introducing them to key stakeholders and investors
Incubating the growing ecosystem that supports the advancement and adoption of the best solutions
shared digital infrastructure

We believe that the value of blockchain is in the possibility to “commonize” important parts of digital infrastructure. We strive to build this new type of common public digital infrastructure as an alternative to the current practice in which the important parts of the information and communication infrastructure are proprietary: owned by governments, corporations, and others.

A shared public digital infrastructure owned by no one and used by everyone, where each new open protocol unlocks a new market. A digital infrastructure upon which mass collaboration can flourish. Read more about our vision of a digital infrastructure


The global problems faced by humanity today cannot be solved by a single organisation, industry or country.

They can only be solved through mass collaboration—by collaborative ecosystems of a multitude of stakeholders, operating on trust. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence can help turn this vision into reality.

New solutions based on blockchain and AI allow us to move from institutional intelligence to public intelligence, and from institutional trust to public trust without borders, and give us the ability to create ownerless organisations that govern ownerless infrastructures with a level playing field for everyone to collaborate.

Ecosystems for mass collaboration

We believe that collaborative ecosystems are best equipped to solve complex 21st-century challenges, because only ecosystems, not individuals, can set in motion the fundamental grassroots transformation. 

Collaborating in ecosystems lowers the cost of innovation, allowing everyone to extend their innovation efforts by thousands of people.

These complex networks are antifragile because of their decentralized nature that thrives in unpredictable conditions. As they grow, their gravitational pull only increases.

Through ecosystems we can go from hyper competition to hyper collaboration, enabling everyone to connect and contribute.

To bridge the gap between challenge-owners and challenge-solvers
Break down the industry silos by connecting all stakeholders and opening new markets for solutions
Scale innovation by incubating ecosystems that solve complex challenges through mass collaboration
Co-create a digital public infrastructure for everyone, to support such collaboration

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